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Dogoes Waterproof Dry Bag (5L): Perfect for kayaking, hiking, camping.
  • Dogoes: 5L Waterproof Easy Access Dry Bag

    Gear Up for Adventure: Introducing the Dogoes Dry Bag


    Tired of wrestling with cramped dry bags that barely fit your gear? Say goodbye to frustrating fumbles and hello to the Dogoes Dry Bag, the game-changer that redefines easy-access dry bags.


    • Extra Tall for Effortless Access: No more digging around! The Dogoes Dry Bag is a whopping 13.75 inches tall, providing ample space to easily grab what you need, especially with larger hands.

    • Wider Opening for Smooth Packing: Forget forcing your gear into a tiny opening. The Dogoes Dry Bag boasts a large opening, eliminating the unnecessary frustration of trying to shove everything in.

    • Scratch-Free Protection for Your Valuables: Keep your belongings safe! The Dogoes Dry Bag features a secure, non-abrasive closure, ensuring your gear remains pristine, adventure after adventure.


    Experience the Dogoes Difference:

    With its extra height, wide opening, and scratch-proof design, the Dogoes Dry Bag redefines dry bag convenience, making it the perfect companion for your outdoor adventures.


    Order Your Dogoes Dry Bag Today and Experience Unmatched Ease of Use and Gear Protection!

      • 13.75" H x 7" W
      • Weighs 0.21lb
      • Made of Polyester
      • 5-Liter Waterproof Outdoor Bag features a roll-top closure with a plastic buckle to keep your valuables dry and safe for outdoor activities. 
      • Easy snaps on to a bag or a belt. 
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