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Terms & Conditions

Please read Dogoes Terms + Conditions carefully prior to engaging and using our website and online store.


Content Ownership

All information, images, and published materials are copyright to Dogoes. Under no circumstance can the content on our website or products be used without granted, written permission.



Under no circumstances will Dogoes be held liable for any direct or indirect damages, incidents, or losses from the use of our products, website, or online store.



We strive to provide quality products to all of our customers. All purchases made through are to be gifted to family, friends or for personal use only by the purchaser. Commercial benefits, purposes or re-sale is strictly prohibited unless there is a binding contract of conditions for wholesale buyers.

Dogoes products cannot be used for any illegal or unauthorized purpose what so ever. All purchases processed on are protected on a very secure system through Wix Payments, Adyen B.V and Stripe. ​


All purchases processed at on site locations for local vendor booths are protected on a very secure system through Wix Payments.​


The Dogoes website and online store are offered to all users only upon acceptance of all Terms + Conditions. Accessing our website and engaging in our online store, you agree to these Terms + Conditions.


If you do not agree with the Terms + Conditions, you may not use our website. We reserve the right to change the Terms + Conditions at any time without notice.

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