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Dogoes: Common Sense First Aid Stow & Go
  • Dogoes: Common Sense First Aid Stow & Go

    Discover the Common Sense First Aid Starter Kit, the ultimate on-the-go solution for your pup's first aid needs. This comprehensive kit includes Vet Wrap, Ointment, a Gauze Roll, Sponges, and Waste Bags, empowering you to effortlessly handle minor injuries while ensuring a clean environment. The added bonus of a collapsible bowl allows for easy provision of food or water, while leaving space for additional supplies. With this kit, you can ensure your furry friend stays safe, happy, and fully prepared for any thrilling adventure that comes your way.

    • 1. (1) Individually packaged vet wrap, color will vary.

      2. (2) 0.9 g Triple Anitbiotic Ointment.

      3. (1) Individually packaged Gauze Rolls.

      4. (2) Individually packaged Non-Woven Sterile sponges.

      5. (1) roll black 9x13 pick up bags aka poop bags.

      6. (1) Collapsible bowl with carabiner.

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