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Dogoes AdventureDry Towel: Super absorbent (400gsm microfiber), lightweight & fast-drying! Perfect poolside, beach, or lake.
  • Dogoes: Quick Drying AdventureDry Towel

    Ditch the Soggy Dog! Dogoes Quick Drying AdventureDry Towel


    Dry your pup in a flash with our super absorbent microfiber towel (400gsm)! This versatile towel comes in a size (25" x 36") that's perfect for drying off dogs of all sizes, from playful pups to gentle giants.


    The deep waffle-weave pockets are designed to trap water and eliminate soggy fur, say goodbye to wet car rides and muddy paw prints! Lightweight and travel-friendly, toss it in your dry bag or backpack without weighing you down.


    No More Muss, No More Fuss!

    The Dogoes AdventureDry Towel is your on-the-go essential for keeping your pup clean and happy during any outing. Order your Dogoes AdventureDry Towel Today & Make Every Adventure a Breeze!



    • Size: 25 in. x 36 in.
      Fabric Weight: 400gsm
      Towel Weight: 235 grams
      Fabric Blend: 80% Polyester / 20% Polyamide
      Edge: Overlock Stitch

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